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Taejin Park, Ph.D.

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Taejin Park, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center
Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Moffett Field, CA 94035


Taejin is a research scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center and Bay Area Environmental Research Institute within the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) in Mountain View, CA. He completed his BS and MS education at the Korea University and his major of both BS/MS is in Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering. During the master’s program, Taejin joined the Environmental Geopgraphic Information System and Remote Sensing Lab lead by Woo-Kyun Lee. Taejin earned a Ph.D. in Earth and Environment (Geography) from Boston University in 2019 while working in the Remote Sensing of Vegetation and Climate Research Group advised by Ranga B. Myneni.

Research Focus

Taejin’s research focuses on the application of satellite- and airborne remote-sensing, in situ measurements, and process-based models to understand processes impacting terrestrial ecosystems and carbon cycle. He is currently working on two NASA funded projects: Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) and Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI). Additionally, he has been actively interacting with researchers in the NEX team to build a global-scale geostationary satellite product suite (GeoNEX).

Recent News

(February 2022) Paper titled “A Novel Atmospheric Correction Algorithm to Exploit the Diurnal Variability in Hypertemporal Geostationary Observations” published in Remote Sensing. [Paper]

(December 2021) Our annual Arctic Report Card covering changes in Tundra vegetation greenness published. [Paper]. Here is a released video. [Video]

(September 2021) Paper titled “Location of studies and evidence of effects of herbivory on Arctic vegetation: a systematic map” published in Environmental Evidence. [Paper]

Current Projects

(2022-2024) Carbon monitoring system across Mexico: continued development and application at the national scale (NASA CMS, PI: Rodrigo Vargas, Co-I: Park, T.)

(2021-2024) Monitoring and forecasting large-scale patterns of forest structure and carbon dynamics using field, remote sensing, and process-based models (NASA GEDIST, PI: Park, T.)

(2019-2021) Carbon monitoring systems across Mexico to support implementation of REDD+: maximizing benefits and knowledge (NASA CMS, PI: Rodrigo Vargas, Co-I: Park, T.)

Selected Publications

Piao S, Wang S, Park, T et al. (2020) Characteristics, drivers and feedbacks of global greening. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, [Paper]

Park, T et al. (2019) Changes in timing of seasonal peak photosynthetic activity in northern ecosystems. Global Change Biology, [Paper]

Chen C, Park, T et al. (2019) China and India Lead in Greening of the World through Land-use Management. Nature Sustainability, [Paper]

Park, T et al. (2016) Changes in growing season duration and productivity of northern vegetation inferred from long-term remote sensing data. Environmental Research Letters. [Paper]

Yan K, Park, T et al. (2016). Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 1: Consistency and Improvements. Remote Sensing. [Paper]

Yan K, Park, T et al. (2016). Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison. Remote Sensing. [Paper]

Park, T et al. (2014) Unconstrained approach for isolating individual trees using high-resolution aerial imagery. International Journal of Remote Sensing, [Paper]

Park, T et al. (2014) Application of physically-based slope correction for maximum forest canopy height estimation using waveform lidar across different footprint sizes and locations: Tests on LVIS and GLAS. Remote Sensing, [Paper]

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